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MagnaWiki Canton Model Direct Democracy Personal destiny Control

Introduction, Overview. Do not remove!!! As a response to the dissatisfaction of a Democratic vote being ignored ( Brexit) and a realisation laid bare that Democracy in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland does not do what it says on the tin. John ( Slog Ward) and Roger ( Tonefreqhz) Lewis decided to provide a Wiki portal and series of Dapps to help independent or sovereign candidates coordinate voters to combine votes behind one non-narrative based candidate in each local election being the subject of any particular vote. The Idea is to provide the Materials and resources digitally and the location in Open Source web 3 space to build a Launchpad for local subsidiary canton (PDC) democracy cells and construct the necessary Democratic rockets' from components again supplied with a recipe book for local vernacular campaigning to tailor Ground games to particular ground game conditions.

The challenge is as the previous paragraphs show to provide the Kit for PDC (personal destiny Control) Canton model direct democracy with human readable and understandable instructions.

Roger's Git Hub has a wide selection of Open source repositories from which the initial suite of Dapps and the Wiki platform to be built for the active roll out.

New section.The Idea

The Idea is to create the Wiki on this platform and to send a static snapshot to the IPFS system periodically as new pages are added.IPFS is not censorable and this is intended as the public facing part of the Wiki with the server-based version used to grow the wiki and foster existing skill sets familiar with the Wikipedia format which is in the top ten legacy web site brands.

Everipedia is a dynamic wiki on the EOS blockchain and having an article and or mirror of our own Wickitacticalvoting on that platform would be a future ambition, resources and time require a simple solution with lowest possible attack interface. This is very much an idea in progress.

Initially, All UK Constituencies on Wikipedia and all political party articles on Wikipedia are to be added to the Article in the wiki. With a template for local CantonDirect Democracy primary groups to write their Article regarding local issues and which candidates pass the primary vote for Tactical voting.

Parliamentary constituencies.


Political Parties in the Uk.


The Sovereign Brexit Parties.

[[3]] [[4]]

Canton Direct Democracy App.

Beezer is a commercial App site like Wix or Weebly for smartphone applications.

The IPFS network allows hosting of Distributed Apps which do not use a Server-based model as we wish to protect the Canton Direct democracy system from DDOs attacks and censorship The Hybrid use of Legacy web and Opensource web 3 distributed cryptography is being distilled into the thinking behind CDDPDC ( CantonDirect Democracy Personal Destiny Control.

The purpose of these talk pages is to distil down the COnceptual framework of what the envisaged Community will build by cloning Wiki template pages to its own locally extant democratic votes.

The Suite of Dapps will promote a Consensus blockchain resolution of the Byzantine Generals dilemma in Tactical voting situations.

The initiative is not party political but Voter sovereignty centric and the primary voting system will allow voters to agree upon the best candidate regardless of any party including independent candidates to get behind with tactical voting.

A set of tools is envisaged to assist local wiki groups to promote the primary selected candidate and also to host community hustings.

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Thanks, Ranjan, Fabulous to see your contribution here.

Mar 30, 2019

John Lewis

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John Lewis is the co-founder of the wiki farm Miraheze, as well as one of its main maintainers and developers.

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Building a new Wiki on Web 3 for Sovereign Brexit and a direct democracy primary voting app. Get the vote out and don't split the vote and let the Corporate candidates in. #Directdemocracy.

About miraheze and wiki type props for (WikiPrimary) MagnaPedia ???? (Mainly for geeks.) or this? Containerized Mediawiki TLDR: Runs on linux (only) kernel 3.10+ - Only tested on ubuntu 16.04

Set vars in .env if you want auto install (after make init)

make init make config make up

This step is circumvented for setting up and adding later complexity by being on the miraheze platform.