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Should really be read as 'kozoxio'. Seems like it didn't want to let me use a name starting without the capital...

Regardless, welcome to my userpage! There's really nothing here for now.


  • Legacy OS: I still use Vista x64 as a daily driver since it's a perfectly capable OS (and honestly, not much internally changed since Vista anyway) - maybe I should consider making a counterpart to XPForever for Vista, which I have made contribs to.
  • Retro Gaming: mostly console-related. I do find myself intrigued by the 80s home systems popular where I live however, it's pretty cool to see how people can push something like say, the CPC 464, now given how much flak it got at the time...
  • Music: mostly alternative rock, 90s breakbeat/house, jazz, rock n' roll, glam rock, reggae, general pop even. Yeah, quite a mix isn't it? My favourite band is by far Feeder (I have their first single Stereo World signed from a session in '97 by the original three band members).

Other Places I'm At

Not anywhere to note as of right now. I might fill this in if I ever feel like it at some point in time however.

You'll find me under this name pretty much everywhere, it's really unlikely to be taken elsewhere since I actually checked Google to see if anyone had previously ever used it. (They haven't.)