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Dear Democracy,

The history of mankind is often the story of the victors, of beautifully decorated charming heroes who have gained their worth merely by the virtue of their victory, and thus those who have, in turn, lost and have been subjugated, the victims, are either excluded from the narrative or are heavily characterised as those who have been enforced upon by the victors, who are now portrayed as the devils; the story of history fails to narrate the grey areas between the two extremes, but your story, perhaps an outline of the story of the modern society itself, is perhaps one of those loneliest of stories where the ‘grey matter’, if it could be called so, has not been subjugated in a tryst for a binary option to derive meaning.

Yet one of the most intriguing features of your journey from your birth and grooming by the philosophers of Ancient Greece to your adulthood under the likes of Benjamin Franklin and other countless philosopher revolutionaries who helped overthrow their autocracies and/or colonialists in a quest for sovereignty and to safeguard the rights and liberties of all people, is that you were and still are an ideal which is yet to be achieved. Democracy is not a perfect system of governance or the practice of democracy has not gained completeness even in those nations who consider themselves more democratic over others, for you represent one of those indomitable features of the human brain, to comprehend and analyse what would be, along with what is, so as to implore what efforts must be undertaken to reach the egalitarian way of life as divined in the philosophy of thought and governance each nation follows.

You were born with the confluence of human rationale with the desire for morality in the ways of governance to produce perhaps the greatest ever child of the human mind, which had the power to bring about such political storms that would transform the society and its structure in a powerfully transcendental manner.

You are one of those beautifully divined conjectures which propels mankind to consult, to think and express collectively, so that a consensus on the basis of equal representation to all sections, though weaker or less influential in numbers or in political power wielded by them, must be given a say, even while those with greater and powerful influence in terms of wealth or political influence must not be provided with the unnecessary benefits over those weaker in other aspects. One would argue that you are the result of man’s desire to consume the great divide between those in numerical majority over the minority, or between those greater influence than those who have been shunned away from the center of power, and I couldn’t agree more.

Yet, the seemingly idealistic bravado of this mere conjecture, that threatened to demean the aristocrats of the past and their feudal enterprises was in some ways so overwhelming that it was necessitated that these ideas be embraced by the masses, which seem to be the obvious rules of governance to those of us living in countries where you, O Democracy and your values, are enshrined in our daily lives, that much blood had to flow in France, America and elsewhere in the European colonies to establish your principles and values of governance as the beloved of the people.

This also helps draw attention to the fact that those subjugated before the ideas of freedom of speech and expression and those of liberty and humanitarian rights, as established by your edicts of governance, never felt that several economic policies and social discrepancies were being enforced upon them by the elite of the community, who themselves in many ways believed that such acts were those franchised by divinity itself. Alas, your story is not of struggles between the classes of the social hierarchy, rather it is less about these social hegemonies, rather it is more about overcoming these issues of hierarchical elite and the so called downtrodden so that the one with the least income and the greatest industrialist would not be differentiated by the society in terms of enforcement of your values, or in the dignity with which the society would respect them, their ideals and their privacies.

Furthermore, it also helps establish the fact that you are the most natural state of governing ever divined by the multitudes of people who have wondered upon these lands and left them in the way they had entered this world. You, however, give meaning to those alive, and also to those who have passed away, such that the value of each life is respected and maintained in your amity.

And even so, many a ruler of such sort that is not enshrined in your beliefs and fundamental jurisdictions for the mankind, has tried to disrupt the proceedings of the democratic principles of this world. And they have been paid rightly in return. Needless to say, these warring times have helped us reflect on our own ideals of democracy, the way we have divined you in our beliefs and constitutional values so that prosperity and a better social life may be endowed on our people.

And that is, for me, your greatest victory.

While people may struggle to make ends meet, but even in their economic depreciations they are aware that a greater social force is working amidst them, binding them together to a certain set of ideals they themselves have acknowledged and have established firm belief in, and that social force of equality and equanimity would never make him feel lowly, for your strength, O Democracy, and that of ours, lies in this firm belief only, that each one of us is aware and undeterred from their path.

Lastly, in conclusion, while many have defined, with their greater political experience or with the endeavours of their philosophical minds, what it means to enshrine your values in oneself and in the self of the people, I think you are that force of social equilibrium that is more within, than it is about.

Yours, in intrigue of thought and rationality of mind, if those values could be firmly established in me, Krushanu.