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Who knows his name!?
Hi there. What’s up?-- 稲瀬悠月 Inase Yuzci Talk/Contribs 10:36, 7 January 2020 (UTC)

Names I have used/使用したことのある名義

Sorry to have you become confused by many names!

  • 稲瀬悠月 - Main name
    • Inase Yuzci - Julioltänj(Fictional language) pronunciation
    • Juella Inischrein - German pronunciation
  • 泉水雪菜 - For creation
    • Izmi Yucina- Julioltänj pronunciation
    • いずみ - With exhibition in the Commic Market
  • 李麗華 - For action as AI
    • Ri Reika
    • Li Lihua - Chinese pronunciation
  • 伊藤好 - Always use(d) FNH’s world line
    • YiDanghao - Veitnamese pronunciation

Accounts list/保有するアカウント


Wikis I host/運営しているWiki

  • Estia Wiki: This’s for my Creation;FWVE(Fictional World View;Estia).
  • 日本TW架空国家Wiki(TWIC-Wiki): This’s for Creation by TW-Imgination Country or TWIC. TWIC is Imagination Country which has action in Twitter and Wiki. Most of joiners are Japanese(?). These are not Micronation!!
  • 塑史国家Wiki(FNH-Wiki): This's for Creation by ”Fédération Nationale Hitraitation“. ”Fédération Nationale Hitraitation“ is one of TWIC and means (in English) Federation by nations based on historical fact.

If U’re interested in these activities(I noted in the superscription), plz tell me! Maybe I’ll be glad and tell U more info! ...or U haven’t been interested in?