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"探索する心さえ忘れなければ、いつか外に出られよう。私はそれを願う。 / So long as you always maintain a sense of exploration, you will someday find the way out. This is my hope." - Cave Story, 2004
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Hi, I'm ZeusDeeGoose, known as Blad on Miraheze. While I've mostly abandoned the "Blad" moniker for the most part, I've kept it on Miraheze because I don't really feel like I need to change my name again. I have no major roles when it comes to Miraheze and have little interest in them; please refrain from nominating me without discussion prior to the nomination. Contact the Stewards of Miraheze (or other relevant groups) if assistance is needed.

I used to contribute and partially moderate the "Reception wikis", also known as Qualitipedia, starting 2021 until it's sunset in the summer of 2022 (based on CentralAuth changes I had around 2000 edits on said wikis), and I used to be a bureaucrat of The Legend of Dark Witch Wiki from the summer of 2022, until my soft resignation on June 30th, 2023, and my final notice on August 10th of that year, due to several issues that don't need to be listed here. From that point onward, I considered leaving Miraheze entirely, but I took a 3-month break, and now I can hopefully be of use. I'm now planning to dedicate my time to the RPG Maker Fes Wiki, and I also browse Meta, vote/comment if requested, and not much else.


  • Discord: Blad#2469/@ZeusDeeGoose, available on several MediaWiki Discords, excluding Fandom.
  • IRC: zeusdeegoose (Discord preferred)
  • Wikipedia: GooseTheGreat
  • Steam: Zeus The Goose